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Van hire Peterborough

Common lies and deceits of hiring companies.  


Going party or touring with friends or colleagues through a van hire Peterborough to enjoy the whole journey is something that sounds so fancy. One starts imagining long highways that are least crowded, the favourite track is playing, and you are enjoying some of your favourite snacks while travelling and life is just all good. Well, this is pretty right that such things happen almost all the times. But, we believe that a car, minibus or van hire is something that must be done with extreme caution and care. As we said earlier that this may apparently seem quite easy hiring a vehicle by just picking up the phone and talking a nice-sounding guy or lady on another side of the phone and you think the job is done. In some of the cases, this hiring thing might be pretty messy and risky as well. Here in this article, we are going to talk about some of the probable lies that hiring companies may tell while you go for hiring. We would also discuss the possibilities of preventing such scams and how they can be handled smartly pretty in advance so that you do not come across any sort of embarrassment or plain trouble.


False commitment with tricks.


The first and very general one is that they may exploit you by giving some false commitments that they believe they could cheat you with very easily. For instance, at the time of booking, they may show you a very sound looking vehicle and at the time of departure, they may send a relatively older model. Other than that, they may include many hidden charges that they would insist are presumed by everyone in the industry and they are always supposed to be paid. So always ask for any hidden charges and mention that you will not pay a single penny in excess to what has been agreed at the booking time as a final payment. They may also send a vehicle in which the air conditioning isn’t properly working or the entertainment system is broken. So compromising either of these facilities could easily ruin your entire journey for sure. So make sure that you drop into the vehicle that was shown in advance with all its functional features that were shown. Also, check the proper documentation especially of the driver if you have opted van hire Peterborough with a driver.


Insurance covers.


This is usually observed that since this industry has flourished so much, there has also been a mushroom growth in the number of companies. Due to this high competition scenario, the companies are hell-bent on grabbing and squeezing cash out of customer’s pocket no matter what it takes, even if it requires them to be criminally low and fraudulent. The most common and frequent means to exploitation point is insurance. This additional insurance coverage is sold to the customers by the company which is never desired by the hiring person as they are usually already covered with personal health insurance. What these companies do that they trick them with false explanations and grab money even if it requires lying too. This may involve lying, bullying and outrageous behaviour as well. The companies located at prime spots like the airport or surrounding areas have all those good reasons to blackmail the customers as they are very much confident of the sale. So in any way, do not take the extra cover no matter how much they intimidate you and also no need to disclose your insurance cover details as this could further help them exploit you and push you to buy that additional expensive cover.